Granules Pouch Packing Machine

* The machine can complete the whole procedure of feeding,measuring, forming,date printing, sealing and cutting automatically.

* Cup filling

* Big screen controller,step-motor, linear bearing

* Printed body, carbon steel, including printer.

* Applied to packaging small grain such as: seeds,beans,tea,sugar,salt,dried fruit,rice,candy,pistachio,chocolate,pills,pet food,small hardwares,detergent


powder,drying agent,etc.


Film Thickness 0.03~0.08mm
Bag Length 50~180mm
Bag Width 40~150mm
Metering Range 5~50g
Packing Speed 50~100 bags/min
Film Roll Diameter Max.450mm
Total Power 1.5KW, 220V
Machine Size 720*980*1680mm
Machine Weight 300kgs

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